Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Biggest Compliment...

...I've ever received happened on 09.06.08 - when the most intelligent, creative, compassionate, funny and selfless man vowed to love me for the rest of his life. Wow...really? Me?

We celebrated at Willow's Lodge - where we had our reception. It was PERFECT. A wonderfully warm and incredibly stormy day. We had a romantic dinner at the Barking Frog. We ate the top of our wedding cake when we returned to the room. We watched I Love You, Man and laughed and hung out.

And, of course, the whole family enjoyed the night...

Hedgy + Fire = Content Willard

We're also celebrating Nick's 3 amazing decades on the planet tomorrow night...I love you more than anything, Peamit!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Murder, She Wrote

More often than Nick would probably like me to share, we have Murder, She Wrote night. This consists of nothing more than going to bed early and watching one or more episodes of the show. For some reason, these are the only nights that Willy will spend any length of time on our bed. Much like other typical things, such and fetching or swimming, Willy makes laying on the bed uniquely "Willard". There's no way to describe it, you just have to see...

He was like this for a good 45 minutes - occasionally lifting his head to catch a little bit of the show.

After the snugfest, Willy promptly started rearranging his bed. He usually only does this to his sheep skin which is out in the living room. Yes, the squeaking in the background is me. Sometimes I swear that he intentionally tries to entertain me.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Until Wednesday night, I thought that "NO SOLICITING" signs were rather unfriendly and rude. I always pictured the occupants of these "signed" homes as older, grumpy, reclusive people that couldn't possibly shell out 3 bucks for a box of Girl Scout cookies. That is until I had my 6th (that's a conservative estimate) vinyl window sales people, yes, there were two, knock on my front door as I was making dinner at about 6:30pm. I think that these people are required to take a diver's training course for how to maximize one breath of air because I couldn't get a word in edgewise for about two minutes.

I wasn't in the right state of mind on this particular night. In the past, I have graciously thanked them for their time and told them that I wasn't interested. But, I didn't have much fight in me, so I let them do their thing...promising me that a representative would be dropping of a $100 gas card the next night (a ploy to get me to let one of their salespeople into my home). No, this is absolutely not what made me receptive to their sales techniques...again, not in an assertive mood. This guy was basically convinced that he was doing me a favor. If you've had a window salesperson in your home, you know that this is not the case. They sit at your dining room table for, oh, say two hours and fill those two hours with the most asinine claims and demonstrations.

The icing on the cake was the fact that they asked to use MY cell phone to call the home office...so that home office knew that they weren't just making these appointments up. How weird is that??? I was so taken aback that I just handed over the phone without much hesitation...at that point, I just wanted them off my porch!

So, needless to say, Home Depot is my first stop after work today and I'll be posting some "NO SOLICITING" signs at several places in and around the entrance to my home...and definitely a couple in my single-pane, aluminum clad, wildly inefficient windows!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Kids will be kids...

I, unfortunately, had to work today...which wasn't supposed to happen, but incompitent people hold important positions in all walks of life - and that's all I have to say about that. My husband, however, tinkysat the babies and with bellies full of pancakes (and maybe a few M&Ms), they ventured outside...and stayed outside until it got too dark to play in the snow any longer. Without further adieu - this is what I came home to...

(As I'm writing this, Nick is freestyling some synthesizer solos over the closing credit music of Something's Gotta Give...I have tears streaming down my face I'm laughing so hard...)

Such attention to detail!

Some size perspective...that's my almost 6 year old neice hugging the middle section of the snowman...

And that's my first born standing next to it...

Le Artistes...notice the smaller one has TWO missing teeth. Just yanked 'em out like it ain't no thang. Are they supposed to lose two teeth a week apart???

The ever necessary snow fort - another Unkie idea.

Aubbie's turn taking pictures of Unkie...he's such an enthusiastic subject.

This is about the world's most amazing sledding hill. Notice the lack of sledders. What's with this generation of whimpy, lazy, disgraceful little bastards? The reason I'm not sledding - MY DAMN SLEDS WERE AT MY PARENT'S "IMPOSSIBLE TO GET TO WHEN IT SNOWS" HOUSE.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wedding Pictures

What I was not aware of at this time was the fact that all of the guys were on a balcony up to the left and had a full view of my naked ass...and I was trying to avoid getting my naked ass on film...

I LOVE my dress...period.

So excited to see him!!!

Who's the hot Mexican behind me?

We were standing on a rock in a pond...a little nerve wracking.

The sweetest face.

Why am I the only one smiling?

That's better.

The babies could not have gotten along better...or been cuter.

This is the funniest picture...Look at Ryan's face!

Such a handsome group.

Is it a bad sign that both of my babies are showing their underware?

This is one of the funniest pictures.

This one will be an 8' by 10' mural on my living room wall.


The best feeling.

I love this one.

I just like this one because my waist looks unusually small ;)

Joann got some of the most AMAZING detail shots!

Surrounded by friends and loved ones.

Kelly Cheek, My Spiritual Guru

There are about 25 pictures of my face exactly like this.

Edgar. What the hell is up with my face?

My 3 Moms.

I LOVED that so many people danced and had such a good time!

Who are those hot ladies in black on the right???

Even been so overcome you couldn't think or breathe?

Loved my invitations...

Is it possible to have a love affair with a church?
I was baptised and confirmed at that alter.
More Cool Detail Shots
My florist is a genius.