Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Willy The Dog

We have a new family member...Willy the dog. His primary residence is next door at my sister's house, but we're his Auntie and Uncle, so he comes over for lots of visits. He is a rescue, of sorts. He was bannished to the garage at his original home because his new step mom didn't like dogs. So, he lived for a year in a pitch black garage...and was let out about once a day. Nice, huh? You'll see by the pictures how ferrocious he is. He looks like he's 3, but he's really 10. Everybody we run into says how much they love our's pretty cute, if they only knew. Meet Willy (I call him Willard, Nick calls him Mr. Scott).


lacers said...

Willy looks like the sweetest dog ever!! What kind of crazy lady wouldn't love him??

Jessica Zevely said...

WHOA WHOA WHOA! My first thought was "You have a dog?" Maybe this will be the next Anna Gebow in your life? :) How cute, I love him already!

Jess said...

So I have yet to figure out how to respond comments individually on my page, so I just thought I'd say thanks here =)